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People working together yield amazing results.

Are you ready for the Collaboration era? Is your organisation aware of just how big the value of greater workplace collaboration is?

$46 billion per year – is the value of faster-growing, profitable businesses with collaboration at their core

$9.3 billion per year – additional value if companies make the most of opportunities to collaborate more

(Deloitte Australian Collaborative Economy economic report 2014)

VoIP & Telephony

Forget phone system issues and forget being tied to your desk. Let us help you cut the cord to restrictive systems, expensive phone calls and maintenance costs.

Here at Huon IT we can assist you to evaluate your landline, PBX and VoIP options. From handsets to a full service cloud solution we will explore what kind of features you need now, and in the future, and discover how you can best cut costs.

Why are so many organisations going to VoIP?

As organisations grow and phone systems age, the inevitable question comes up: Do we leverage our existing analogue technology or do we move to VoIP?

VoIP is different to traditional systems as it enables you to make your calls through the internet. Internet driven telephony can present great business benefits and complex options that include:

    Direct calls to the right person based on custom variables, such as always directing the CEO’s number to their PA, or all business customers to their account manager based on the account number they enter
    One number can reach you anywhere in the world
    You can use a wide variety of devices for calls
    You can integrate applications with inbound and outbound calling
    You can reduce these significantly
    You can leverage shared local infrastructure and cloud services

Fully hosted cloud solutions offer improved availability over single box, on premise implementations, removing the single point of failure and allowing for the full delegation of system management responsibilities to a dedicated specialist.



There are various Telephony and VoIP technologies on the market , and selecting the right solution can be challenging. Huon IT are the team you can turn to for trusted advice.


Give us a call and together we will develop the telephony roadmap that will set you up for now and the future.

"We rely on our IT systems to be able to provide [services] to people in our community who are aged, disabled and disadvantaged. Huon IT helped upgrade our systems and keep us running, even after a merger with another organisation."- Kevin McClain, Transport Planner at Access Sydney Community Transport -

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