People working together yield amazing results.

People working together yield amazing results.

Are you ready for the Collaboration era? Is your organisation aware of just how big the value of greater workplace collaboration is?

$46 billion per year – is the value of faster-growing, profitable businesses with collaboration at their core

$9.3 billion per year – additional value if companies make the most of opportunities to collaborate more

(Deloitte Australian Collaborative Economy economic report 2014)

Teams for Business

Teams enables local, remote, and global team members to work together and collaborate through a common workspace using features such as online teamchat, (video and/or voice) one-on-one chat, document collaboration, screen sharing and more.

Huon IT, your Teams for Business partner

There are many online collaboration technologies in the market, and selecting the right solution can be challenging. Huon IT are the team you can turn to for trusted advice. Give us a call and together we will develop the Teams roadmap that will set you up for now and the future.


Online collaboration spaces, like Microsoft Teams for Business, are taking the office world by storm. Need to tell a colleague you are 5mins late – no prob – ping a message, want to organise a staff lunch – invite everyone on the chat channel and watch the conversation evolve naturally, are you looking to add a more personal connection – add a photo, after a laugh, add text and turn it into a meme.

These multimedia platforms are a disruptive upgrade. Interactive, real time, visual and easily accessed by many at once they are becoming the digital replacement for the staffroom or water cooler casual chat. Reinvigorate valuable informal lines of communication that got lost for remote workers when email was the main go to option.

Complete with instant messaging (IM) chat, images and both voice and video meeting capabilities built in, online collaboration tools go well beyond informal social conversations and are beginning to shape real time business interactions.  It is not uncommon to suggest a quick video Skype call or Teams whiteboard session among a distributed team to get an immediate resolution to a pressing business problem. 



Part of Office 365

Access to SharePoint, OneNote, and Skype for Business

Collectively work on documents, in real time, right in the app

Rich scheduling features, plus ad-hoc 1-1 and group calling

Integration with 150 other apps including Github, Asana and Hootsuite

"I’ve already recommended Huon IT to clients. They’ve designed and implemented the ideal IT capabilities for us to continually grow in the direction we planned."- Trevor Eveleigh, Associate Director at NBRS Architecture + Partners Pty Ltd -

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