We believe Cloud computing is transforming the way businesses use & invest in IT.

We believe Cloud computing is transforming the way businesses use & invest in IT.

But selecting the right type of cloud for your business can be a balancing act. From public to private, or even hybrid cloud, we help clients navigate use cases to make the right choice.

Backup as a Service

Traditional backup methods are resource heavy and expensive to manage.

Huon IT’s Back Up as a Service (BaaS) utilising Veeam’s Cloud Connect is built on a Microsoft Azure cloud, and provides a fast and secure way to back up and restore your company’s data for an affordable monthly fee.

Protect Your Business with Online Backup

Whilst most of us know just how important backup is, many companies still rely on traditional backup methods, such as tape or desk, to protect their data. This is risky business – errors go unchecked, hardware fails, or staff simply forget. And even if your backup does run successfully, is it securely stored?

Many staff keep their offsite backups in a cupboard at home, or even in their car boots for convenience.

Ultimately these risks expose you to data damage, crippling information loss and serious compliance breaches.

Huon IT’s Backup as a Service is a game changer. This light, easy to use tool connects your on-premise backups with a secure cloud to ensure your backups are safe.



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High Speed Recovery: Restore and Recover entire VMs, individual files and applications within recovery time objectives of < 15 minutes.

Data Loss Avoidance: Streamlined Disaster Recovery, secure offsite data protection with the ability to achieve recovery point objectives of < 15 minutes.

Verified Protection: Automatic tests time to ensure files, applications and virtual servers can be restored when needed.

Complete Visibility: 24×7 real time monitoring and alerting, resource optimisation and capacity planning with customisable reporting.

Convenient ‘pay as you go’ monthly fee

Fully managed with round the clock support.

"Before Huon IT, we weren’t confident that we have a good backup regime in place… Their expertise and support is superb, and they have great technical knowledge."- Brad Allen, IT Director at McCabes Lawyers -

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